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Our Zante hotel (Vanessa Hotel) is a popular hotel in Zante. Our guests are not only drawn to it for its great location and fully equipped facilities, but also because it’s one the more economical hotel choices in Zante compared to other Zante Hotels. Hotel Vanessa has quality standards, a friendly atmosphere and a long history of customer satisfaction!

The hotel is found in the heart of Kalamaki, Zante. Kalamaki is a famous tourist resort in Zante (Zakynthos) island and home to Kalamaki beach.
This location is quiet making it ideal for family holidays in Zante and couples holidays in Zante, in comparison to many other Zante hotels.
Our Zante hotel is located in the center of a beautiful complex. The stunning hotel with its traditional architectural design and comfortable rooms is surrounded by a pretty tropical garden and large refreshing, clean swimming pool. Beside Vanessa Hotels pool you will find an outdoor restaurant bar. The bar offers breakfast, small meals, fresh snacks, ice cream, and a fully stocked bar for your evening (or daytime) drinks! There is satellite TV regularly featuring sporting events such as football, as well as a pool table for your enjoyment.
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